Pocket Brewer Removed From App Store

I’ve decided to remove Pocket Brewer from the application store.   Honestly I don’t have the time to commit to updating this application.    Although it still works great and I use it regularly for my own brewing I get only complaint emails and lately very negative reviews for features which work on my emulator and my own Windows Phone 7.     Not a very encouraging experience for something I pay to host in the marketplace and make no money on.

Since I will be moving on to a Windows 8 machine(probably a surface) and a Windows Phone 8 I have retooled the code base so that I can publish it out natively to those devices.     In order to prepare the code for that I’ve been testing it as a mobile web application which you can try out free for now if you’d like.   Beware it’s 100% alpha software that will take some time to finish since it’s done in my spare time.   That application is called Brew Tablet.


What’s Been Going On?

Hi everyone.   Just posting an update to let everyone know I’m still working on the application.   Lately I’ve been busy actually using the application and brewing beer!   However I have been working on adding mash and fermentation schedules to the application since I like to rely on my BeerXML files as a “journal” of sorts showing what I did last time on a particular brew.

If anyone is new to brewing and would like to get some great books on beer brewing I’ve put together my recommended beer brewing books list on my personal website.   Take a look and happy brewing!


Pocket Brewer V4.1 Submitted – Import Bug Fix

I had to submit an update due to a bug on the Gmail / Email import function.    If all you’re importing is Pilsdaddy it’s because a tiny piece of test code got shipped.     An unfortunate side effect of being a one man programmer, tester, blogger, updater.  The Skydrive importer works fine so please use that until 4.1 goes live!


Pocket Brewer Version 4.0 Submitted – Refractometer Final Gravity Correction

I know we’re going from 3.9 to 4.0 and typically upping the first number means big feature release but unfortunately that’s not the case here.  Microsoft won’t let me update it to 3.9.5 for example so we had to go up to 4.0.

I added a refractometer final gravity correction tool to the tools.    For those of us who use refractometers in brewing when you take a final gravity reading it’s skewed due to the presence of alcohol.   Well fortunately there are formulas out there to perform corrections and get the actual final gravity of your beer.   I’ve been brewing a lot lately and the only thing Pocket Brewer hasn’t done that I need is that calculation which results in me rummaging about my computer for that spreadsheet to do the correction.   I got tired of it Sunday and wrote the addition to Pocket Brewer.    I also got a little fancy with it so once you enter your original gravity and final gravity as taken with your hydrometer you’ll get the corrected final gravity, estimated alcohol and attenuation all right there.   I love it.

I have been working on the mash schedules and timers for the application but have to confess I suffered a little burnout after implementing the BeerXML import/export which was a beast.   I’ll be getting back to those in the near future after this little success.

Happy Brewing!


Version 3.9 Live In Marketplace

Pocket Brewer Version 3.9 is out in the Marketplace and everything seems to be running smoothly.    I hope everyone enjoys the improvements to the mail imports and enjoys the new SkyDrive integration.    I have updated the documentation on Import/Export so please read it especially if you want to use SkyDrive.


Version 3.8 Out, Version 3.9 Submitted – Other People’s BeerXML

After submitting 3.8 to the marketplace I went through a number of BeerXML flies from other programs and found a number of issues with them I needed to “clean up” in order to help users have to hassle less with XML that didn’t conform to what it should look like.   So this evening I submitted version 3.9 which should be out in the next week or so.   If you have any problems with a particular BeerXML file feel free to send it my way and I’ll help you with it!

Happy New Year


Version 3.8 Coming Soon – Bug Fixes on Gmail Import

I’ve had some good users point out a couple of unforeseen issues with importing from Gmail.   I have programmed a fix but given that it’s Christmas it won’t be released until probably First week of January.   So if you have any problems with importing from Gmail just know that solutions are coming.   I am also looking at implementing a Skydrive download capability so we don’t have to rely on 3rd party email type imports anymore.   Thanks to all of you who’ve used Pocket Brewer and especially those who are contributing to making it better!   Merry Christmas


What’ll Be Coming Next From Pocket Brewer

The next update will likely not be until February 2012.    I have to implement mash schedules as are used in BeerXML and I’ll implement the mash timers with that.

Thinking past that I personally am most interested in adding some sort of fermentation tracking functionality since if I forget to add what sort of fermentation schedule I used to the recipe description it’ll get lost in time.    I also plan on adding some interfaces to add/remove custom ingredients as well as interfaces for finings/miscellaneous additions to the brewing process.

As of now it’s been almost one year since I started coding Pocket Brewer.   I think it’s become a great application and I enjoy using it and working on it.    Thanks so much to all the users who wrote in with requests and comments which have helped it become far better than I ever anticipated.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Pocket Brewer V3.7 – Bug Fixes

A couple of bugs were reported by some users.   I have fixed them and republished.   When the update is approved by Microsoft it’ll be available.

  1. IBU’s Go Crazy Bug – The IBU calculations had a bug that would occasionally make the number go extremely high and not calculate correctly.
  2. Import From Google & Yahoo Bug – When Pocket Brewer imports from these sources it has to clean the data based on what they do to it for their mail purposes.   I had to improve my cleaner for some uncommon circumstances.
  3. Brix Added to Units Conversion – In addition to specific gravity and degrees plato you’ll now see Brix on this menu.

Pocket Brewer V3.6 – Trial Now Available

Today Version 3.6 went live in the marketplace.    This is the release of a version allowing a trial which I wrote over the weekend.    Essentially the trial version is this:

  1. It has ads.
  2. Every 10 days it’ll ask you if you want to buy my super sweet app.
  3. It only allows one recipe in the recipe section at a time.

I feel pretty comfortable with it.   Originally I had not implemented a trial but was shamed at how easy one is to implement by fellow developers.   Additionally I was a little shocked that far inferior competitor apps really cut in to the downloads.     I hope folks who hadn’t previously wanted to press the buy button will get a reason to see why my app is worth that $1.29 investment.