Pocket Brewer is dedicated to producing useful and easy beer brewing tools for Windows Phone 7.  I’ve been developing Microsoft based Windows based applications for about 10 years now and with the release of the new Windows Phone 7 I was very excited.   Through Microsoft’s development network I quickly learned to develop for the new system and the first thing I thought about was brewing beer.    I’m always running in and out of my house when homebrewing to do unit conversions, figure out volumes or convert hops.

Pocket Brewer Tools

The first application I’ll be releasing in early 2011 is what I’m calling Pocket Brewer Tools.(details)   Essentially it’s a suite of conversions and tools for figuring out temperatures, volumes and steps while brewing.   I brew beer on my patio and having a set of tools for these fuctions is extremely handy to me.

If for some reason you want to know even more about the developer my name is Jerry “Wayne” Odom and I”m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   I have a personal website wayneodom.com.   I just changed my blog format so you’ll have to look in the older material in the navigation bar to find any of my brewing stuff!