How To Use: Dilution Tool

The Dilution Tool page is for when you want to figure out how much water or wort you need to add to a wort volume in order to hit a target volume and gravity. I use this when I’ve finished cooling my wort and I take a gravity reading before pitching. If my gravity is too high then I’m adding water to bring the gravity down so that the beer hits the right profile. If my gravity is right(or low) and my wort volume is low I’ll need to add more liquid but not reduce my gravity so I’m using the wort check box here. When you’re diluting using wort you’ll need to know the gravity of your additional wort in order to use this tool. The important thing for me here is that I’m trying to reach a “Final Specific Gravity” when using this tool not necessarily a “Final Volume” although the final volume might come in to play if it’s higher than what your container can hold.

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