How To Use: Strike and Infusion

The Strike and Infusion Page can be used to calculate the different steps of a mash.   You have two option radio buttons on this screen who are self explanatory.   On initial strike you’re calculating your dough in temperature at a grain ratio.    It also calculates a required tun volume so you don’t overfill your equipment.   Here you tell it a target temperature, the amount of water you intend to add, the weight of the grain and the initial grain temperature which is your current room temperature if the grain has been just sitting there in a bag.   Keep in mind “heat loss to mash tun” here until I can appropriately factor in “mash tun weight” to adjust.   You may either want to pre-heat your tun or try to adjust the temperature up slightly to account for heat loss to tun.

The infusion option is if you’re doing a mash with multiple steps.   For example your strike step goes to 140 F and you want to raise it to 153 F for the second step.  The only field which could be confusing is “Starting Water Volume” which is how much water is already in the mash when you do the infusion.

Please note that when calculating you want your water temperature under boiling so modify calculations where the “Infusion Water Temp” is above 212 F.

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