Pocket Brewer Removed From App Store

I’ve decided to remove Pocket Brewer from the application store.   Honestly I don’t have the time to commit to updating this application.    Although it still works great and I use it regularly for my own brewing I get only complaint emails and lately very negative reviews for features which work on my emulator and my own Windows Phone 7.     Not a very encouraging experience for something I pay to host in the marketplace and make no money on.

Since I will be moving on to a Windows 8 machine(probably a surface) and a Windows Phone 8 I have retooled the code base so that I can publish it out natively to those devices.     In order to prepare the code for that I’ve been testing it as a mobile web application which you can try out free for now if you’d like.   Beware it’s 100% alpha software that will take some time to finish since it’s done in my spare time.   That application is called Brew Tablet.

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