What’ll Be Coming Next From Pocket Brewer

The next update will likely not be until February 2012.    I have to implement mash schedules as are used in BeerXML and I’ll implement the mash timers with that.

Thinking past that I personally am most interested in adding some sort of fermentation tracking functionality since if I forget to add what sort of fermentation schedule I used to the recipe description it’ll get lost in time.    I also plan on adding some interfaces to add/remove custom ingredients as well as interfaces for finings/miscellaneous additions to the brewing process.

As of now it’s been almost one year since I started coding Pocket Brewer.   I think it’s become a great application and I enjoy using it and working on it.    Thanks so much to all the users who wrote in with requests and comments which have helped it become far better than I ever anticipated.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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