Q & A

Answers to common questions:

  1. Q.  Why are some boxes yellow?    A:   These boxes are read only and calculated.   I realized that you can still select the text and edit it but nothing happens.   I’ve left this enabled for when copy and paste come out for Windows Phone 7
  2. Q.  Where did you get the formulas you used?    A:  Figuring out the math for the base calculations was probably the most difficult part of developing this application.    I went through Designing Great Beers, New Brewing Lagers and of course How To Brew by Palmer.   I also found several papers on thermodynamics in regards to brewing beers and of course several web pages and brewing discussion threads.   I compared my results to the calculations of the most popular brewing PC software on the market today.   All calculations should be within 1% of accepted results.

Please feel free to use the contact form link to the right of the screen to ask any other questions.