Version 3 Submitted to Marketplace

I’ve successfully submitted version 3 to the marketplace.   Given that Microsoft’s testers have no problems it should be available as soon as they’re done.    The biggest change as I’ve previously posted is import/export of recipes.   My suggestion to get started with this feature is to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the recipes page(pivot) where all your recipes are listed.   There’s a new button to go to the import screen.
  2. You’ll see a selection box and a browser window.   Select the Pocket Brewer Recipes choice to start.(notice the top title will show waiting, loading to let you know what the browser is doing)
  3. The browser should show you a list of most recently added recipes.    Try just clicking one and it’ll navigate to a page for the recipe.   Once the top title says only “Pocket Brewer” then you can click the check button.
  4. If the recipe is successfully read from the browser you should see it’s name with a check box next to it.
  5. Check the box and press the check button again.   A message box should tell you the recipe was successfully imported.
  6. Press the back button on your phone to go back to your recipes list.   You’ll see the recipe imported.(notice that on the recipe import page there’s another back button.  This button is for the browser)
  7. Notice in the web browser on the Pocket Brewer Recipes option there is a search box in the website.   I have been tagging recipes accordingly so you can search for ale, lager, etc.

These are the basic steps to import a recipe.    Similarly the other choices in the drop down box will allow you to log-in to your Yahoo or Google email if you’ve exported a recipe from Pocket Brewer yourself.   You can re-import recipes this way.   You can also use the copy/paste functionality of the phone itself.     Notice on the import page there’s a button with two arrows.   Clicking that button will hide the browser and show a text box.    If you copy/paste the <RecipeClass></RecipeClass> data(and everything in between) from a recipe you exported from Pocket Brewer in to this box and click the check button it will import.

I will try to make a video in the next couple of weeks demonstrating the use of the import functionality.   Until then please feel free to email me for help.

Update Coming Soon Look For New How To Pages

Hi all! Update coming for Pocket Brewer in next 2 weeks.

With exception for testing I’m done with the import/export which is awesome functionality. I’ve started adding the pages for the how to use the import / export functionality on this website.   For me it really adds a lot of usability.   In addition to being able to save and bring back your recipes you can also import recipes from section I’ve added to Pocket Brewer where I’ll be adding recipes.    This gives new people or those just looking for a good recipe fast a place to import a recipe without having to build it themselves. Recipes Section is here with a few recipes already added. I’ll probably add around 20-30 to start and as I go more will be added. Of course if any of you want to email me a recipe I’ll be happy to add it!

The recipes section will also translate itself between units. Meaning my European friends will get their Kilos/grams and my UK friends will see appropriate liquid measures. Temperatures where appropriate will be right. However note that since we haven’t build the mash and fermentation functionality in to the app YET you should note that any recipe descriptions you import will not be translated. We won’t ever translate descriptions but I wanted to mention it because some descriptions on the recipe functionality from paragraph one contain notes on mashes with temperatures.

Pocket Brewer Update Coming Soon

I’ve been working on a couple of target items for July’s update of Pocket Brewer. First off I’ve updated the software so that the unit settings will show the recipe data in UK or European units. Up to this point it’s been only US units in recipes but I’m getting some downloads from overseas so it’s time to get that in there. The second item is pretty big and pretty cool to me. I’ve updated the to include a mobile version of the website and I’ve programmed a way to upload the exported Pocket Brewer recipes to the website. I’ve also created the functionality to import recipes I publish to in to Pocket Brewer on the Windows Phone. Additionally you can re-import an email you exported yourself to email via the copy/paste functionality of Windows Phone. When the functionality is published the website recipes section(Recipes Section) will get a lot more active with new recipes being added and built. I’ll try to build at least 100 myself from various sources and my own favorites.

Pretty cool eh? It really is to me because every time I debug the app on my Windows Phone it erases any recipes I have built in the phone. I know some users will love it because I’ve had a few requests already for some base recipes.

I still have some testing to do so look for this update to be published in late July.

What’s Next For Pocket Brewer

I’m about to start working on a few new features for the next small release.   First off I’m going to write the import/export functionality.    What this will do is allow you to use copy/paste to take a Pocket Brewer export and bring it in to the application.   This way you can share a recipe, delete a recipe from pocket brewer and bring it back in later or just backup in general.   This release can be expected some time in July.

In regards to timers for background alarms going off for the sake of running a mash schedule or boil schedule that’s still on the to-do list although it’s been put on hold until after the Mango update.   I want to see how that plays out before I create the functionality to avoid wasting time.

Finally I’ve gotten some great feedback via email on ideas for the app.   One of them being a recipe database and cloud backup.    This is definitely going on the to-do list although it may be slightly time consuming since I’ll have to create an entire content management system to manage the data for the recipe database online.

As always feel free to write me anytime with questions or concerns about Pocket Brewer.

Pocket Brewer Version 2.1 Published To Marketplace

This new version has a lot of handy calculations added to the Recipes section of the application.

  • Hops Bitterness Calculation – Tinseth IBU will be calculated on hop additions to recipes.
  • Grain GU & OG Calculation – When adding grain to the bill it will estimate your GU and probable OG.
  • Recipe Style Selection – I’ve loaded a style database that’ll give you guidelines to building your beer. No longer typing in the recipe style it will be selected from the database.
  • Carbonation Database – There’s now a carbonation field and a carbonation database that will show you the typical range for styles. The carbonation field is currently just for record but later we will give some calculations with it.
  • Brewhouse Mash Efficiency – A mash efficiency must be set in order to calculate GU and OG in grain brewing. 68% is the default however you can set it to match your configuration.

I intend to add some additional documentation to the website regarding these sections. Look for it in the next week or two but for the most part it should be self explanatory. As always if you have questions please contact me and I’ll do my best to answer.

Been Working on Hops Bitterness Calculations

Just a mini update.   I’ve been working on adding hops bitterness calculation using the Tinseth formula.   It’s the one thing I can’t stand not being able to do with Pocket Brewer at the moment.    I’ll try to push that out as version 2.1 some time in May.

Further down the line I’m going to work on brew timers for mash, boil and maybe fermentation.    Also I’ll be working on more import/export possibilities.   Move recipes in/out of other PC based applications that’ve been around longer.