Pocket Brewer V3.7 – Bug Fixes

A couple of bugs were reported by some users.   I have fixed them and republished.   When the update is approved by Microsoft it’ll be available.

  1. IBU’s Go Crazy Bug – The IBU calculations had a bug that would occasionally make the number go extremely high and not calculate correctly.
  2. Import From Google & Yahoo Bug – When Pocket Brewer imports from these sources it has to clean the data based on what they do to it for their mail purposes.   I had to improve my cleaner for some uncommon circumstances.
  3. Brix Added to Units Conversion – In addition to specific gravity and degrees plato you’ll now see Brix on this menu.

What’s Next For Pocket Brewer?

In using my latest release of pocket brewer for my last couple of brews the things I’m missing the most and therefore will be the next things I add to the software:

  1. Mash Schedule Per Recipe – A programmable mash schedule with minutes, temperatures and amounts of water to add.   I am able to use the Pocket Brewer “adjust mash” tool but it would be nice to have it pre-programmed per recipe so I can view it and not have to calculate it in the field.
  2. Fermentation Schedule Per Recipe – It’s starting to become a nag to me that I have to put the fermentation schedule in the description of a recipe.   I want to program a schedule and later when Mango features are available set timers to tell me when it’s done.

The following Mango features I’m hoping to go ahead and develop:

  1. Mash, Hopping and Fermentation Schedule Timers – I want to get notifications like many other non-Windows Phone 7 software already do.   As most of us know Mango is when WP7 is supposed to really step in to the big boy arena of being useful.

I haven’t started on any of these features yet.   I would forcast them being done and published to the marketplace sometime in late October 2011.