Pocket Brewer Version 4.0 Submitted – Refractometer Final Gravity Correction

I know we’re going from 3.9 to 4.0 and typically upping the first number means big feature release but unfortunately that’s not the case here.  Microsoft won’t let me update it to 3.9.5 for example so we had to go up to 4.0.

I added a refractometer final gravity correction tool to the tools.    For those of us who use refractometers in brewing when you take a final gravity reading it’s skewed due to the presence of alcohol.   Well fortunately there are formulas out there to perform corrections and get the actual final gravity of your beer.   I’ve been brewing a lot lately and the only thing Pocket Brewer hasn’t done that I need is that calculation which results in me rummaging about my computer for that spreadsheet to do the correction.   I got tired of it Sunday and wrote the addition to Pocket Brewer.    I also got a little fancy with it so once you enter your original gravity and final gravity as taken with your hydrometer you’ll get the corrected final gravity, estimated alcohol and attenuation all right there.   I love it.

I have been working on the mash schedules and timers for the application but have to confess I suffered a little burnout after implementing the BeerXML import/export which was a beast.   I’ll be getting back to those in the near future after this little success.

Happy Brewing!