Upcoming Features

Here are some of the features I’m working on putting in to the tool.   The tool was published for version 1.0 in early February 2011, Version 2 in early April 2011 and Version 3 for Early August.   Here are some features I’d like to have added in 2011 if possible.

To the Tools:

  1. Volume for common containers calculator for the plastic buckets and carboys based on height of liquid.
  2. Mash Volume Calculator – For calculating total mash volume.
  3. Incorporating Mash Tun weight in to the different mash calculators.
  4. Batch variables – A recipe will have batches associated with it so you can keep track of the different ways you brew a certain recipe.


Big Features:

  1. Convert recipes in the tool.
  2. Equipment profiles
  3. Recipes run with alarms you can set timers via multi tasking and background features of the Mango update.    Read more about Mix 2011 if you are technical.   I intend to create a hop schedule, mash schedule and if possible some sort of feature to add the fermentation to your calendar.